08 AugSolve Your Skin Problems Daily with Pure Argan Oil

TreeAre you one of those people who are forever searching for a solution to problem skin to no avail – and do you feel constantly bombarded with new information about skin care, so much so that you find it overwhelming? Me too, however, recently I spent a few days relaxing and experiencing the culture of Morocco and stumbled upon a social project in Agadir that produces Moroccan Argan oil.

Before my vacation I’d never heard of it but there was such a stir amongst my group when we bought some oil to use whilst there and fortunately as souvenirs for friends and family. Luckily I did this as in the end I used most of the oil I’d bought as gifts for myself.

The Tree of Life

On further investigation I found out that Pure Argan Oil is extracted from the nut of the Argan tree – popularly known in this region as ‘The Tree of Life’- consequently I found out why it had earned such a glorious title. The oil is cold-pressed and ideally used for skin care – there is also a nutty flavoured alternative, but this is used when cooking – and care for your skin it does.

After Sun Care

Agadir is very hot and arid and my fair complexion would have been tomato red had it not been for the after sun properties of Argan oil. I was using a sunscreen of 50 and still my skin was burning but once I’d showered and applied Pure Argan Oil, I felt the cooling effects. This is because it has a very high vitamin E content and anti-oxidants which fight those free radicals that constantly attack the outer dermis.

Regenerates Skin Cell Production

Moroccan Argan Oil regenerates and accelerates skin cell production which renews the surface of the skin. It’s light and once applied, absorbs very quickly leaving your skin, soft and smooth. Being a non-greasy formula once absorbed it leaves no residue and will protect your skin against the elements we are faced with on a daily basis.

SunSensitive Skins

Those of you who have sensitive skin can use Moroccan Argan oil with confidence, safe in the knowledge that this is a 100% pure argan oil and contains no chemicals or additives. Paraben free and odourless it is becoming a popular addition to everyone’s daily routine. When I say sensitive skin, Argan oil is so mild that you can use it for baby. Compatible with all skin types, the feedback so far reads that mature women benefit from its moisturising and anti-wrinkle properties. Men need not suffer razor burn; it is an excellent after shave balm. Teens love the rapid skin repair benefits of using Pure Argan Oil. And who amongst us would not want to have a clear, clean well cared for complexion.

Psoriasis & Eczema

Finally, two types of problem skin that are reaping benefits of using Pure Argan Oil are Psoriasis and Acne because Argan Oil is 100% natural and contains anti-inflammatory properties it banishes itchy, hot sore skin for Eczema and soothes the joint pain which often accompanies Psoriasis.